Waridi Broker
Waridi Broker is an insurance brokerage software solution made for direct insurance intermediaries with a desire to increase organization’s quality and accuracy of work through automation while providing timely and accurate management and operations reports.With a click of a button;
  • Automatically send Renewal SMS and emails for policies ending
  • Add and print a policy certificate
  • Print a risk note for the customer  and insurer with the policy terms
  • Print claim notices

The software is focused to bypass all the other insurance broker software in kenya

Waridi Payroll i ranked as the best insurance brokerage software in kenya and east africa region.

System Features

Manage partner accounts and provide timely reports and analysis for each
Enter and track policies information
Raise and print risk note and debit note
Print policy certificate for motor policies
Track claim process
Track your revenue effectively
Manage binder policies and fleet policies
Automated accounting entries
Automated renewal SMS and email notifications
Track commission earned and payment
Record direct and indirect pyaments
Record and print receipt document
Produce receipt and payment report
Get a production analysis report
Produce creditors and debtors report
Produce partners statement of account
Produce an account transactions report
Produce advanced accounting report
Produce a revenue report
Produce NSSF, PAYE, NHIF and NITA returns
Produce Payslips and P9 tax cards
User friendly
Multi-user access
User access control
Automatic Data backup
Export data to MS-Excel

Key Features

  • Multi-users, 1 to unlimited users
  • User level and access rights
  • Unlimited No of policies
  • MS SQL Express database
  • Support included in the annual renewal
  • Desktop app supported on preferably windows 7 and above
  • Bulky SMS service

Benefits of the System



Improve your brand visibility by having branded risk notes, debit notes, credit notes and account statements. Also, be able to send marketing SMS to your contacts.


Time Saving

Reduce the time spent generating risk notes documents and other important documents



Automated SMS and email notifications ensure you never miss a renewal.​


Cuctomer Satisfaction

The efficiency achieved by using the system as well as customer documents provide customer satisfaction


Revenue Tracking

Detailed commission statement to ensure you don’t overlook a commission earned


Track payment

The ability to track direct payment made to insurers by the customer ensures that no payments are missed out​

Why Choose Us?


User friendly

The system has been designed with the user in mind to ensure quick adoption and minimum errors during data entry and in the reports


Payment plan

The installment payment plan allows you to have quality software today with a minimal impact on your cash flow


Multi user access

With unlimited system users and local area network support, we can have different users performing different roles using the same software


Data security

Automated backup to a local disk and to the cloud ensures that you never lose your data. Authentication help protect the data against malicious use

Out of the Box Integrations


Microsoft office

Bulk sms


Pdf reader


Crystal report



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